All I Ask is for a Tall Ship

And a Star to Sail Her By

Henry Wellard
13 November
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[Wellard] is from [A&E's Horatio Hornblower series], and is the property of [A&E, I would guess, and Terence Corrigan]. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Some of the exact statistical information is never given in the episodes of Henry Wellard, so this is my rough guessing until I find out otherwise. Wellard is 16 years of age, and still slightly built. (height around 5ft10). He has dark brown hair, pulled into a tail in the back, and very dark brown eyes. Despite being at sea, his skin still is pale, and he has freckles. Due to the events of the Tempus Frangit trip, Wellard tends not to wear his midshipman's uniform, prefering instead 'normal' clothing in darker colors, but of a similar cut and style. (That being boots, dark trousers, white button-down shirt, dark colored waistcoat/vest, and sometimes a coat.)

UPDATED: Time at Milliways is an odd thing. Dead at 16, a couple of years in an afterlife taking place in a bar, then back to life again. Going by length of time he has existed and learned things, Wellard is nearly 20. By physical age, he is now around 18. Of course, he tends to act older when compared to 'modern' teens, but being on board ship and expected to act like an adult and an officer will do that.
He does also still carry the midshipman's dirk he had while in the navy- that is, a straight dagger about 13 inches long (plus handle), across the small of his back.

kitchen_maid's player: "I suppose that if you have to almost re-die because of jewelry, becoming a Dark-o-meter is a half-way decent fringe benefit."

madeyoudodge: "He has a cute rear."

mmquitecontrary: "He takes so much looking after."

genarti "Scholarly and stuff."

As the results of the White Rider using Wellard as a link back to Milliways, Wellard is sensitive to the powers of the Dark, as defined by The Dark is Rising canon

In Milliways, the following canons are considered to be linked- Horatio Hornblower, The Dark is Rising, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sharpe, and the Vorkosigan Series. (If we get any characters from Master and Commander, they will hopefully be added.)

~Honest, brave and free. The soul of decency. Loyal and fair and on the square and most importantly...~ he's totally hott!
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